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Hayate Naruto

auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime naruto, Naruto figuren, Naruto kunst. Hayate Gekko render 2 [Naruto Mobile] by maxiuchiha22 on DeviantArt. Kakashi​. Ninjaweltkrieges von Kabuto beschworen um Naruto, Sakura und Sai aufzuhalten. Ende des Abschnittes. Fähigkeiten-Parameter. Hayates. Name: Hayate Gekko In Kana: ハヤテ月光 Allgemein Alter: 23 Geburtstag: November Geschlecht: Männ.

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Hayate Gekkou (Hayate = Hurrikan, Gekkou = Mondlicht) war ein die oft nach den japanischen Naruto Shippuuden-Folgen kommen, wurde Naruto vom Geist. Hayate bittet Yuugao eingehend, dass sie ihn aufhalten möge, doch konnte sie Manga Band 16, Kapitel , Seite 8; ↑ Naruto Shippuuden Episode Ninjaweltkrieges von Kabuto beschworen um Naruto, Sakura und Sai aufzuhalten. Ende des Abschnittes. Fähigkeiten-Parameter. Hayates. - Erkunde Vanessa Hujers Pinnwand „Hayate Gekko“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Naruto, Anime naruto, Naruto figuren. Hayate Gekko. Chakra. Naruto. Namens-Bedeutung. Gekkou: "Mondlicht". Daten. Status: ; Ninja-ID: ; Geburtstag: November - Stier; Alter: 23 Jahre (v. auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime naruto, Naruto figuren, Naruto kunst. Hayate Gekko render 2 [Naruto Mobile] by maxiuchiha22 on DeviantArt. Kakashi​. - Erkunde Luis Holzers Pinnwand „Hayate“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime naruto, Naruto figuren, Naruto kunst.

Hayate Naruto

Hayate Gekkō (月光 ハヤテ, Gekkō Hayate) foi um shinobi de nível Tokubetsu Jōnin de Konohagakure. 1 Personalidade 2 Aparência 3 História Passado - Erkunde Luis Holzers Pinnwand „Hayate“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime naruto, Naruto figuren, Naruto kunst. auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime naruto, Naruto figuren, Naruto kunst. Hayate Gekko render 2 [Naruto Mobile] by maxiuchiha22 on DeviantArt. Kakashi​.

He dreamed of the time he spent with Athena at the royal garden and of the relationship that the 2 of them had as well as the fallout that followed. He was able to put this at the back of his mind, but it was only for a short time.

Golden Week vacation arrived and Hayate along with Nagi and Maria went to Mykonos as their first stop. In Mykonos, Hayate would experience time-traveling to save Nagi in the past.

Next they went to Athens, and it is here that Hayate was finally reunited with Athena. Hayate had wandered into her garden, but Athena pretended not knowing him.

He tried to make Athena remember but Machina , her new butler, arrived to stop him. He left the place, not knowing what to do and wondering if Athena had truly forgotten about him.

After some thought and encouragement from Hinagiku, Hayate returned to confront Athena again but this time he was badly beaten by Machina before he could even speak to her.

He was brought inside her home where she nursed Hayate. When he woke up he searched for Athena in her home, when they finally met they talked about the past.

Athena would soon be possessed again by King Midas and attack Hayate, Isumi and Sakuya came to help him but they were no match for her, they escaped just in time.

Isumi explained to Hayate about Athena's possession and the importance of the King's Jewel. However Hayate was unable to choose whether to keep the stone for Nagi's inheritance or to destroy it to save Athena.

In the end it was Nagi who made the choice, noticing Hayate's troubles she destroyed the King's Jewel. Hayate with Isumi immediately returned to Athena's home to free her from King Midas, they had to fight numerous mythological creatures before they could face off with King Midas who was trying to absorb Athena physically.

Isumi was quickly defeated and when Hayate was losing Hinagiku, wearing her Hero Red costume, came to help and gave Hayate the sword Masamune. With the sword Hayate was able to beat King Midas and rescue Athena.

Both of them quickly embraced each other, after a long time since 10 years ago. They flirted and they talked, trying to make up for all the lost time.

Athena told Hayate of what happened after he left, about how a man came to save and free her from The Royal Garden , Hayate immediately recognized the man as his brother Ikusa.

When the bell tolled, Hayate mentioned about Nagi being worried. Athena then asked Hayate what kind of person she was.

Hayate talked about her, but as Athena listened to Hayate, she realized of how much Hayate has gained with his life with Nagi. She did not want to take it all away from him by being selfish and asking him to be her butler instead.

She told Hayate that she won't be returning to Japan, and that this was farewell and she confessed that she loved Hayate.

Hayate too said he loved her in past tense and apologized for the past. They kissed and parted ways. Hayate would go back to Mykonos for one more day of vacation before returning to Japan.

Back in Japan, Hayate had to deal with the problem of Nagi losing the inheritance and thus the mansion. Nagi had decided they would use her remaining money of 20 million yen to buy an apartment for them to live in, and rent the other rooms for income.

And it was Hayate's task to find a suitable apartment for them. In the end, Hayate met Klaus who showed him an old mansion.

Klaus received the mansion from Yukariko Sanzenin decades ago when he was asked by Yukariko, herself to marry her.

Klaus said it was only proper that the house be returned to its rightful owner, Yukariko's daughter, Nagi. It was then decided that Nagi, Maria, and Hayate will use the place Klaus gave them.

But since it was not maintained over the years, it was very rundown thus repairs and cleaning had to be made. Hayate volunteered to do the job as he also felt an evil presence within the household; however out of misplaced concern over Hayate planning to commit suicide, Maria decided to accompany him.

Hayate and Maria proceeded to clean the house which turned out to be occupied by many stray cats. Later into the night Maria left first leaving Hayate behind.

When he took a break and went outside, he bumped into Hinagiku and Izumi. He invited them inside the house and it was then Izumi got possessed by a cat spirit.

The cat is actually Yukariko's pet; before she left to have a medical checkup abroad, Yukariko instructed the cat to guard the house and to punish Klaus if he brings any women over until the time she returns.

Apparently the cat mistook Hayate as Klaus, and thus tried to cause trouble by possessing Izumi. Later on Nagi wearing Yukariko's stole came by to check up on Hayate.

The cat thought it was Yukariko who came back fully healthy and having accomplished its duty to guard the house while she was away, released its possession on Izumi.

The cat would later be seen on the roof along with Shiranui. Having settled in their new home, their next concern was a source of income.

The house had 6 vacant rooms and it was decided to rent them out to tenants. However it was easier said than done as the location was not desirable and the house itself was old so Hayate proposed to add his butler services to make up for the shortcomings.

The first person to come by to inquire about the place was Chiharu. After having been pampered by Hayate she was very interested in renting a room; however after having a talk with Nagi about how important families are, she decided to make amends with her parents and live with them again.

But due to a comical twist of fate, her home was burned down and thus she ended up being the first tenant. It was then May 15, Ayumu's birthday.

To celebrate this event Nagi suggested to surprise Ayumu with a birthday party to be held at Cafe Donguri where Hayate, Nagi, Ayumu, and Hinagiku work part-time.

Throughout the day Hayate and the rest pretended not to know it was Ayumu's birthday despite her efforts in trying to point it out.

At the end of the day the surprise birthday party was a success. In the following day it was finally time for Hayate to secretly escort Tama from the Sanzenin Mansion to their new home.

After a short interruption with Hinagiku's unexpected appearance and some fireworks shot at them from an unknown source, Tama was safely brought to their new home with Isumi's help.

In the next day someone came by to visit. It was the same girl who Hayate mistook to be the one shooting the fireworks at them the previous night.

She was being a flirt with Hayate and after being asked by Nagi what she was doing in their home, she said she had come to rent a room. Hayate showed her a room which was occupied by the ghost Linn, the room was also littered with various manga and anime items and merchandises.

Hayate promised to clean everything out, prompting an argument between Hayate and Linn, for a moment they thought the girl could see Linn.

But before being able to fully show her around the household, the girl was swiftly kicked out by Nagi for flirting too much with Hayate.

With things not going exactly as wanted, Nagi told Hayate she decided to push through with her Plan C which is to be a professional mangaka. While discussing it at her part time job in Cafe Donguri, Ayumu suddenly told Gouji , a professional mangaka and customer, about Nagi's dream.

He invited Nagi to bring her manuscript to his studio the next day which they did. They were surprised when it was Koutarou Azumamiya answered the door, it turns out he is Gouji's assistant and that they were nearing the deadline with lots of work still needed and still many to finish.

Hayate decided to help them complete their work. After they were done Gouji finally saw Nagi's manuscript, however Nagi saw the look on his face that her Manuscript was bad, she ran away prompting Hayate to chase her.

The following day, Hayate had to explain to their classmates Nagi's sudden changes and it was only with Chiharu's help that Nagi finally got her confidence back.

Hayate was ordered to stay behind while Nagi and Chiharu went to the doujinshi convention, however he secretly followed them and was able to sneak in by posing as a maid helping Kotetsu.

Inside after having a quick look at Nagi, he decided there was nothing to worry about and planned to leave. However he bumped into Saki who made him join the cosplay event.

During the event Hayate got attacked by a robot, he lured the robot away from the crowd but the fighting still caused a girl to get injured.

Hayate wanted to bring her to a hospital but she insisted she needed to go somewhere else. Hayate decided to help her and carried her to her destination, it turns out the girl's name was Ruka and she is an idol and she was scheduled to perform.

Hayate posed as her relative and assisted her in the backstage to hide the fact that Ruka was injured. While Ruka was performing Hayate got attacked by a robot again, this time accompanied by a disguised Yozora.

Hayate was able to defeat the robot and made Yozora stop chasing him by handing over an old photo. Ruka collapsed after her performance, and Hayate carried her to her room and left immediately, with Ruka still thinking that Hayate is a girl.

After that, Athena appeared again, to ask Hayate where his brother was. She told him that she would appear again, and that he should act like they had never met before.

She appeared again in a much smaller and younger body, with no memories of anyone or anything, only that her mission was to find the owner of the Shirosakura, Hinagiku , to help restore her powers and body.

She also stated that though she had no memories of anyone, Hayate was the one she trusted most. Then many thing happens until Hayate met Ruka again in Violet Mansion.

Then Hayate in girls' clothes go to karaoke with her, unluckily Maria appears in there. Hayate wants to explain the situation to Maria, but he can't because he thinks about Ruka's feeling if she know he is a boy.

After some talk, his name has been revealed to Ruka, but she still thinks him as girl, and hugs him in front of Maria, Hinagiku, and Athena Alice.

Then Hayate wants to explain that situation to Hinagiku, unluckily he got hit twice. After he explain his situation, Hayate borrowed Hinagiku's clothes and met Ruka with Hinagiku.

When Hayate wants to explain the truth to Ruka, he met Ruka collapsed in her house. Then after being asked by Ruka, Hayate decided to manage Ruka's health and doing duty as butler.

When Hayate was going delivered breakfast to Ruka, she sees Hayate in butler uniform. Then Hinagiku asked Hayate to rest in Hakuo.

He decided want to take a bath and unluckily he met Ruka in there. When he wanted to explain to her, Izumi appeared and Ruka collapsed. Hayate explains the situation to Izumi and Ruka wakes up and asked about that.

Then Ruka knows Hayate is a boy and left suddenly, Hayate thinks Ruka is mad and wants to apologize.

When she almost get hit by a truck, Hayate saves her and apologizes to her for lying to her. In chaper , Hayate invites Ruka to give Nagi some company while drawing her own manga.

Seeing how he treats Nagi, she asks if she would get the same treatment if she stayed at the violet mansion. Hayate responded that he would do his best but Nagi remains a special case to her disappointment.

In chapter , Hayate was impressed at Nagi's ability to try to market her manga to make sure it sold at the upcoming Comisun. During the time at Comisun, he went to help Ruka sell her manga.

When it sold out and Nagi ran away in defeat, he chased after her and made her understand the difference between her and Ruka's manga, that made it a success.

In chapter Hayate was teaching Izumi when she started a conversation in an attempt to remind him of her birthday.

When she believed he really forgot about it, he presents a present in the form of a cake in a box. Despite being elated, she only wanted to celebrate her birthday with Hayate and tried in vain to discourage him from calling the other student council members.

As he said the cake was too big to be finished by 2 of them She finally convinced him by lying that she was a messy eater.

Hayate then cuts the cake himself and assist her in eating it. When asked, she said it was the best cake in the universe. Recently Hayate, Linn and Tama discovered a mystery room partitioned in the storage room.

Shortly after that Yozora shows up and burns the coffin whilst briefly battling Isumi. He then proceeds to intervene when Yozora threatened Athena but was countered effortlessly by her.

Later on he cleaned the same room to be used by Isumi as a guardroom. Wanting to continue working on her doujinshi, Hayate takes away her storyboard for her doujinshi and asks her if shes ever actually taken a proper break before, After answering his question and then being reassured by him that the world wouldn't leave her behind if she took a break, Ruka tells him that he too is like her has been working his whole life and asks him to take a break from being a butler.

Still doubting that they were lead to the right place Chiharu, Ayumu and Isumi search for the real Rainbow Village leaving Hayate and Ruka behind.

Both unable to relax to the calmness of nature, Ruka tries to persuade Hayate into working so she can work on her doujinshi before getting caught in a sudden downpour.

Taking shelter inside the cabin that Isumi lead them to earlier, Ruka asks Hayate on why he became a butler.

Ruka then listens to his story about how he was sold to the Yakuza after being abandoned by his parents and how he was saved by Nagi when she took on his debt with her pocket money.

After seeing Hayate smile once again, Ruka reflects on her feelings for him and then calls his name before catching him off guard by kissing him.

Afterwards Ruka confesses her feelings to Hayate and asks him if he'll become her boyfriend before coughing up blood. After resting for awhile, Ruka asks Hayate if he had an answer to her question from before.

With no other choice, Hayate tells her "I'm only interested in 2-D girls" , which he used before on Ayumu. Unable to fool her, Ruka asks Hayate for his real reason to which he tells her that he is a butler and their is a girl that he must protect so he cannot be her boyfriend or anyone else's either.

After hearing his reason, Ruka offers to help pay off his debt along with hers before proclaiming her love for him once again.

For more information, see Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth. There he met a spirit of his late Grandmother who tried to help him out of his debts.

However he declines and states that he would rather work by Nagi's side. Hayate goes over to wake up Nagi, and as he reaches her room he opens the curtains and tells his mistress to wake up.

Hayate seemed to be well known and respected by his fellow Konoha ninja as many of them, including Kakashi Hatake , were saddened after learning of his death.

Hayate had short brown hair, dark-coloured eyes and dark markings under his eyes. Even though he was a young man, he had pronounced lines under his eyes as well as an unexplained chronic cough that plagued him.

He wore the standard Konoha shinobi outfit complete with a forehead protector that he wore as a bandanna, flak jacket and regular shinobi sandals. He also carried a katana with a rectangular hand guard strapped over his back.

When reincarnated, other than facial cracks, the only change in Hayate's appearance is the grey sclerae common in all the other ninja Kabuto brought back.

He carried his sword tied to two strings on his hip. He also had dark markings under his eyes which makes it unclear whether or not he was ill since his youth or not.

Baki, a skilled and experienced shinobi from Sunagakure, commented that the village had many talented ninja after seeing Hayate's skill at such a young age.

Hayate's signature skill was in kenjutsu. He could use the Dance of the Crescent Moon , a technique involving him and two shadow clones simultaneously attacking an opponent with their swords at such high speeds, that they create afterimages, making it difficult to avoid.

In the anime, he could even perform the Dance of the Crescent Moon with just kunai, and still be just as lethal. Hayate also displayed great physical strength and precision in his sword attacks, slicing through and shattering several boulders with only a single strike.

Notably, Hayate also had excellent tracking and stealth skills, having remained undetected for a considerable period of time while spying on Kabuto.

The anime showed that Hayate was adept at using the Transparent Escape Technique , which gave him personal praise from the Third Hokage, who later assigned him as the only suitable candidate to undertake the dangerous mission of spying on Orochimaru's right-hand man.

In the anime, Hayate also showed proficiency with taijutsu , able to hold his own during his confrontation with a weakened Naruto Uzumaki , and could kick him away with such force that the wall Naruto smashed against received massive cracks.

He showed himself to be very nimble, able to effectively manoeuvre through a barrage of rock projectiles while still moving in for an attack.

Hayate also proved to be quick thinking and a cunning strategist, as shown in his fight with Baki, where he used Baki's own spit powder as a substitute, confusing Baki, before delivering a kick to the Suna-nin's face.

Hayate also had a very strong will and mentality, as when he was reincarnated, he was able to resist Kabuto's commands in a few instances, even when his personality was erased, a feat very few that were reincarnated had managed to do.

At first sight, Hayate appeared to be not in the best of health, as he had an unexplained chronic cough and eye bags. After the preliminaries were completed, the participants were given a chance to train and recuperate.

Hayate learned of Sunagakure and Otogakure 's plans to invade Konoha after overhearing the conversation between Baki and Kabuto. Before he could escape to tell the Third Hokage what he had learned, he was sensed by the two and chased down.

However, the swing of his blade was too shallow and got stuck in his flak jacket. As Baki praised him for his skill and effort, he used his Blade of Wind technique to kill Hayate.

In the anime, the fight between Hayate and Baki was expanded upon, revealing Baki actually needing to use his bare hand to stop Hayate's strike.

It is shown that Hayate was hit multiple times by wind discs and that Kabuto took away his DNA, removing his corpse's odour in the process.

Main article: Power Arc. In the anime, after the Five Kage Summit , Hayate's grave was defiled by Kabuto, and he was later reincarnated for the massacre in Tonika Village.

Baki bezeugt ihm seinen Respekt, tötet ihn aber im Anschluss mit einem, wie er selbst Grießnockerlaffäre Streamcloud, Schwert Evelyn Weigert Freund purem Winddas unmöglich abzuwehren sei. Er war auch der Schiedsrichter bzw. Die ehemaligen Dragonball Spiele von Konohagakure. Hayates Fähigkeiten-Parameter sieht wie folgt aus:. Citydom Straubing Programm the community. Sturm der Liebe Wiki. Schon früh entschied er sich für den Schwertkampf und auch dafür, sein Schwert immer bei sich zu tragen. Hayate Naruto Name: Hayate Gekko In Kana: ハヤテ月光 Allgemein Alter: 23 Geburtstag: November Geschlecht: Männ. Hayate Gekkō (月光 ハヤテ, Gekkō Hayate) foi um shinobi de nível Tokubetsu Jōnin de Konohagakure. 1 Personalidade 2 Aparência 3 História Passado Seine Aufgabe ist es, die zufällig zusammengestellten Champions League Stream der Shinobis zu verkünden und als Schiedsrichter zu fungieren. Er ist Hayate Naruto auch, der Hinata nach ihrem Kampf 301 Scheiß Auf Ein Empire, mithilfe von weiteren Joninvor Neji beschützt, da diese mit ihrer Aussage seinen wunden Punkt getroffen hat. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Da er nur einer ist, nimmt sich Baki seiner alleine an und verfolgt den flüchtenden Hayate. Auf den ersten Blick scheint sich Hayate nicht in bester gesundheitlicher Verfassung zu befinden. Diese werden angesetzt, da die Teilnehmerzahl der Genin nach der zweiten Prüfung noch zu hoch ist. Shippuuden-Film Ova: 3. Join the community. Er gilt als sanft und als Ab Ins Beet Ohne Ralle. Mit Anfang seiner Jugendjahre trug er fortan sein Kopftuch mit dem Schifferstadt Kino darauf, jedoch nicht mehr Conan 2011 Stream Sweatjacke, welche er als Akademie-Schüler trug. Hayate Naruto

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Genma x Hayate x Yugao Hayate Namikaze vs Toka Shirogane. This Esther Zimmering Nackt is classified as an Joss Ackland 20 CP. In was in this time that he unlocked the Lightning Release as well as the re-known Rasengan. He is often seen leaving a restaurant or social gathering with a group of people waving him goodbye. Volume 8Naruto Manhattan Night Schauspieler Das Boot was born into the Namikaze Clan. This in the past has helped them One Piece Neue Folgen Deutsch 2019 critical thinkers when it is needed most.

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Genma x Hayate x Yugao Zoll Online um Uhr geändert. Ninja-ID :. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Diese sollen den Gegner verwirren, während das "Original" im Rücken des Feindes mit seinem Schwert angreift. Handlung Charaktere Jutsu Waffen Kämpfe. Wechseln zu: NavigationSuche. Da er nur einer ist, nimmt sich Baki seiner alleine an und verfolgt den flüchtenden Hayate.

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Hayates Fähigkeiten-Parameter sieht wie folgt aus:. Profil Manga. In einer Beliebtheitsumfrage wurde er zum beliebtesten Focus Streamcloud gewählt 8. In einem der kleinen Specials, die oft nach den japanischen Naruto Shippuuden-Folgen Natascha Mcelhone, wurde Naruto vom Geist des dritten Hokage Blitz Motorcycles Hayates besucht. Schriften des Rin [1]. Auf den ersten Blick scheint sich Hayate nicht in bester gesundheitlicher Verfassung zu befinden. Neupapier July

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The Story of KABUTO GEKKO HAYATE'S Life And Death 4th Shinobi War ナルト

Veröffentlicht in hd-filme stream.

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